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I Ching 12 – Obstruction

Today’s I Ching – 12 – Obstruction

Heaven above, Earth below.

Obstruction follows Tranquility.


Spirit explains:

Heaven and Earth are as two primary colours, and are

The two primary trigrams of the I Ching.

Without each of these two cooperating,

Which means co-creating, with each other,

There is no I Ching.


The message?


Where is the green? He knows that I was pleased

With myself when I discovered that Yellow

Watercolour painted over blue, or blue over

Yellow, created green.


Emotion and intellect are as blue and yellow,

He tells me. Alone, their meaning and capacity

To create are restricted, obstructed. But,

Together they can blend in many ways, to

Create understanding, wisdom, compassion,

And love. Yes, you and I, together, or?


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