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Happy New Year 2014

To wish everyone a healthy, happy, creative and meaningful 2014.

I must give public thanks to Spirit for the time and energy (which

may be negligible from his perspective, but from mine is massive)

that He has, for whatever reason (of His own) has invested in

educating and training me to assist Him in His mission (?) to

share with and through me, what others have shared with Him,

As you will surely be aware, through reading our posts, that

He and I seem to differ in our priorities and in the basic, well,

perhaps not basic, personal approach to Life as lived.

I have no idea where He plans to take our blog and I must

confess, when I dare to stop to think about it, it scares me.

That’s why I may seem to play it all a bit too lightly. It’s a

defensive mechanism that I seem to need.

What a heavy way to wish you all Happy New Year.

May it be great for you all and please stay with us. I

would be especially grateful to any of you who would

dare to question Spirit on whatever – perhaps even on

His existence.

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