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I Ching 4 – Immaturity

Today’s I Ching reading by Spirit

Immaturity follows Difficulty


Spirit explains:


By facing difficulties in our lives, and we all do,

How we cope will or will not develop maturity.


An immature person will find excuses for

Difficulties and remain immature.


I have a problem with that idea.


You will always have a problem with some ideas.


Forever immature?


Yes, and that is a gift of Life.


Comments on: "I Ching 4 – Immaturity" (2)

  1. Dear yiausgxnet, Thank you for sharing Spirit’s gems of wisdom with your followers. I Ching is a sacred Way, and a very wise Way, in my thinking. Perhaps a time has come for it to be given the respect it deserves. I had an insight, perhaps Spirit’s way of teaching me, that The order of the hexagrams; from one to sixty-four, and then, as a cycle of months or years or ions, begins again with one but not in the sense that one is a beginning, anymore than Spring is a beginning. It emerges out of Winter and will do so, perhaps for ever.
    In my insight (I do hope you are sincerely interested) I was aware that seemingly complex formations of the trigrams and hexagrams were, and perhaps still are, very necessary
    for the protection of the seer. The shoot-or blame-the messenger mentality of some who might not be happy with the message, protects the seer, at least to some extent. Who would blame a card for the advice it offers? The real-life situations presented by the names given to the individual hexagrams, and their order, can offer insight into any of today’s problems, as it di to ancient ones. Individual problems have not changed. Only their forms.
    Thank you.

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