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Gradual Progress follows Mountain


Spirit explains:


Why do people climb mountains? Because they’re there.

Anything that blocks our way can be considered as a challenge

Or as inspiration to discover whatever might be beyond

A seemingly suggested limit.


Something is often blocking our way; our way to wherever, or

Whatever we might be if we refused to be stopped by

Challenges to our progress; physical, intellectual, emotional,

Or spiritual.


We each have a calling; a voice within us, within every cell of

Our being, that calls us to move or not to move, and when.


We have been socially conditioned to listen to outer voices.

Perhaps the time has come to listen to our own, inner one.


Could you be my inner voice?




Are you?




Comments on: "Spirit explains I Ching 42 – Gradual Progress" (4)

  1. You are right. The time has come to listen to our inner voice as we were always meant to.

    • Dear Diving Channel,
      I’m pleased that you were moved to respond to Spirit’s reading of I Ching 42. Perhaps you understand that Spirit was not critical of social conditioning. Society could not exist without generally agreed upon rules. Even Jesus did not advocate abolishing “the letter of the law” which refers to community traditions. They serve a survival need. But, the Spirit of the Law, referring to the reasons we have laws, is important to remember, for those mature enough to understand. You understand that we are not and cannot be separate from God. Individuality is an illusion, but, perhaps, a necessary one until we are enlightened enough to be able to accept the Divine responsibility of living to serve Life, not just our personal pleasure. The world needs, very much needs, people who are willing to do what they can to express their own Divinity by caring and letting God use us and guide us in expressing that caring.

  2. Dear Divine Channel,
    Your post on ego is valuable, especially the wise thought, “Whatever you believe you are, you become”. I wish mothers all over the world could hear those words and understand that what they say to their children could powerfully influence them for better or worse. And to never call a child, “bad”. What they may have done or said can be expressed as very wrong, but the child should never be identified with one word or one action. Motherhood is a powerfully influential role and influence on future adults.

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