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Spirit shares His understanding of the timeless wisdom of I Ching, as expressed in Hexagram 22 – Adornment.  Mountain is over Fire; yin is over yang. Adornment follows Biting Through (21) in the natural order of  progression of the hexagrams and leads to Striping Away (23).

“An adornment is a decoration. It adds value without necessarily serving a practical purpose of its own. It can be as icing on a cake, or gravy on steak, or as precious stones worn around one’s neck, arms, fingers, or pinned to hair or clothes. It might also be something that can be set on a table, to be admired.

Biting Through suggests successfully completing a mission of importance, to oneself, if to no other. Something needed to be done, and now can be celebrated and remembered with an adornment as a reward.”

“That sounds very nice, but what personal message of inspiration can it have for me?”

“Do you possess something that seems to remind you of something else?”

“Such as?”

“Perhaps the many small lines on your face.”

“They only remind me that I’m getting older.”

“Have you earned them?”

“I think so.”



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