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Spirit shares His understanding of  I Ching wisdom, as expressed in the life situation presented by Hexagram 7 – The Army..

“Earth is over Water; both are yin trigrams, and yet Earth is the most powerful of the yin trigrams, and it’s on top. As today follows yesterday, so The Army follows Contention (6); and, as today reaches toward tomorrow, so does The Army reaches toward Closeness (8).”

“I can understand The Army and Contention acting on each other, but what relationship can The Army have with Closeness?”

“When reason alone fails to solve contention, then power is a ‘necessary organizing force. It serves a good purpose if it can bring together contentious groups. Then it contributes to a sense of Closeness.”

“Okay, I can accept that, but how does it relate to me?”

“Who is contentious?”

“Perhaps I am, at times.”

“Who is The Army?”

“I don’t know.”

“Is the army as a referee in this instance?”

“That’s possible, but not all referees play by the same rules.”

“What rules do I play by?”

“Perhaps rules of your own choosing.”

“Yes, and so do you.”


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