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Spirit shares His understanding of Hexagram 35 – Advance.

“Advance develops from Power (34), if available power is used to advance, and can move into Damaged Illumination (36). Fire is over Earth; yang over yin.

Power can refer to potentiality to do something, or to develop a skill, talent, strength, or financial means to develop a vision, or fulfill a desire, or retire from worldly activities to devote oneself to recovering one’s strength and health, or to expanding one’s awareness of Life. However, power is never more than potentiality unless intention to use it is strong enough to activate the power of whatever potential one might possess.”

“Does everyone possess some form of power?”

“Yes, without exception.”

Then, and it scares me to even ask You, what is mine?”

“That depends.”

“On what?”

“On your definition of power.”


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