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Spirit shares I Ching Wisdom

31 – Sensing. Lake over mountain.

Spirit explains: Sensing requires more than receiving sensory input
of our five physical sense organs. It also requires understanding
the meaning of the message or messages received.

The Yin and Yang principles must work together?

Yes, but never equally, or they would negate each other. There must
always be a dynamic blending of their unique energies. They each
contribute what they alone can; intuitive awareness and intellectual
capacity for making sense of this awareness.

We understand by meditating on sound, smell, touch, taste, or sight.
We focus our attention on that which we wish to understand, and trust
our intellect to provide us with answers.

What personal message does this reading offer?

We each contribute what we alone can, if we care to contribute at all.

To whom or what do we contribute?

To Life. It would be different than it is without you, or Me.

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