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Spirit shares I Ching Wisdom

43 – Removal. Lake is over Heaven.

This hexagram presents with one yin above five yang,
obviously very much outnumbered, but still on top.

Water is precious and life-sustaining.

In a yang/male dominated society, a yin/female in a
high position can be resented. She is at risk of being
removed, pulled down, simply because of yang/male egos,
who measure each other according to their quality of
thought but who have not yet learned to accept that
some women are also capable of high quality thinking.
and so are often denied opportunities to express it.

Not all men are clever and, perhaps women in earned
positions of power are seen as a threat only to those men
who are not comfortable with their own self-image.

That sounds very supportive of women who strive to become
successful in what has long been a male-dominated world,
but, my personal memories of office politics seemed to
discourage me from believing in women as corporate leaders.

It was male superiors who were most supportive of my efforts
to improve the quality of both my work and my interest in
studying business-related subjects after working hours.

My female superiors, in several offices, seemed to feel
threatened by my efforts. It didn’t make sense to me, for I
was as much a feminist as they were and I was never
interested in their job. They were more qualified for it
than I was, from my perspective.

The only advantage I had over them was that I simply wanted
to do the best job I could. They seemed to need to ingratiate
themselves with their male supervisors, and try to prove to
them that they were one of the boys. I was not interested in
that game.

So, what are you telling me about removal?

I lost my train of thought.


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