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Male-Dominated Sacred Books

Spirit shares I Ching wisdom.

Hexagram 1 – The Creative. Heaven is over Heaven.

Why isn’t it just called, Power over Power, or
Yang over Yang.

It is called what it is called for a reason.

But, it isn’t possible to be creative just because
it is the most powerful card.

A feminist attack?

No, a simple truth. A feminine, or yin contribution
is necessary to any creative process or project.


Desire and passion are necessary inspiration, and
they are yin characteristics, while, as you know,
yang is more structural.

Structural? When did thought become structural?

It always was.

There is no mention of that in the wisdom history.

It went without saying because men wrote the books.


There is no here and now

Spirit shares I Ching wisdom.

Hexagram 51 – Thunder. Thunder above, Thunder below.

Spirit explains: Thunder is a powerful energy, and doubly so
in this instance.

But, it doesn’t create itself.

Nothing ever does.

Couldn’t the situation create thunder?

What situation?

The situation created by lightning.

Lightning creates nothing.

Then, the situation caused by lightning.

Thunder is part of the situation caused by lightning.

But, not a direct effect.

Which comes first?

Thunder follows lightning.

What does lightning follow?

I don’t know.


If there is a personal message …

And, there is.

Then, what can it be?

Everything and every situation is intimately
interconnected to a wider reality.

How can that help me here and now?

There is no here and now. That is the message.

Assisting Others is Self-Serving

Spirit shares I Ching wisdom with me and with
whomever else cares to join our otherwise
one-to-one sessions.

Hexagram 26 – Great Accumulation.
Mountain is above Heaven.
Each are yang and yet, in this instance,
the youngest yang is above the parent yang.

Is that very likely?

Spirit explains: Nothing rises up
without having been assisted, or gently
lifted into that higher position.

Why would anyone help someone else rise higher
than herself, or himself?

Parents have done that since time began,
bearing in mind that there was no beginning
to time, if it actually exists,
which it doesn’t.

That’s true – the parental impulse to …

That so-called impulse to assist others to go
beyond where we can go ourselves is part of
our nature – who and what we are.

Then there must be a personal benefit
to our action; our seemingly self-sacrificing

There’s nothing self-sacrificing about it.
It’s a win-win situation.


We cannot all be leaders but we each can
serve by assisting others more suited to lead.

If they would lead us where we want to go?

Exactly, and in that way we can expect
to share …

We gather together?

Yes. We accumulate fortune, harvest, victory,
or success only when we recognize the reality
of team effort.

We Share the Choice

Spirit shares His understanding of the  I Ching Wisdom expressed by Hexagram 18 – Degeneration. Mountain (Yin) is over Wind (Yang). Degeneration follows Following (17) and leads to Overseeing (19).

Spirit explains:  “The 2nd line is Yang and the 5th line is Yin. The fifth line in every hexagram is the line of leadership and responsibility, and, ideally,  a yang line, and yet, in this instance, yin is on this line. However, the complement of the 5th is the 2nd, and yang on the second line which is normally a  yin line, provides for a sharing of this position of power.”

“But, if degeneration is the condition that they share …”

“How could it be otherwise?”

“I would like to think that any degenerating situation is
a result of masculine abuse of power.”

“That would be to deny the existence of feminine energy.”


“How what?”

“How does masculine responsibility for whatever condition
or situation deny feminine energy?”

“Abdication of, or denial of, responsibility is, more or less,
acceptance of whatever situation or condition results from
such behaviour.”

“Are you trying to tell me that …”

“I am telling you that dynamic interaction requires
inequality; transient or otherwise, of each and all
of the individual energies in the choices we make.”


“We share the choice.”

“And the outcome?”



Difficulty may Prevent Disaster

Spirit shares I Ching Wisdom

Hexagram 3 – Difficulty. Water is over Thunder.
Yes, it looks like a thunder storm, where water
pours and thunder roars.

It would be a difficulty for anyone outdoors
in such weather.

Yes, unless they are prepared.

How can we prepare for difficulties before we are aware …

Awareness is a prerequisite to preparedness.

But, a thunderstorm is only one of possibly countless
difficult situations we may have to suddenly face. We
surely cannot be aware of them all before they appear.

Where do they appear from?

Sometimes they seem to come from nowhere.

Nothing comes from nowhere.

That sounds like the words of a song, “Nothing comes
from nothing”.

Words of truth.

So, difficulties all come from somewhere?

Not somewhere, alone.

Then, from previously existing situations?


Then, how to respond?

To what?



How to prepare for unexpected situations?

Why are they unexpected?

How can they be expected?


Awareness of what?

Awareness of the present situation and how
it developed, and the path it has taken
to where it now is.

And visualize that same path moving forward,
toward the horizon?


That sounds like work.

A little difficulty may prevent disaster, or
at least prepare us for it.

Is there an easier option?

Than what?


No, at least not for you.

How many ways become one way

Spirit shares I Ching wisdom.

13 – Association with others. Heaven is over Fire.

Spirit explains: Fire has power to consume, but Heaven,
representing cosmic energy, or cosmic consciousness,
has the power, and uses it wisely, to subsume all
inferior powers within itself.

And, all other powers are inferior?


I sense that you have chosen number 13, knowing that
it also represents Death in the Tarot.

Yes, and yet the Death card in Tarot represents

Death to an old way of thinking?

Death to an old way of being, or, rather, Death to
A non-way of being.

How can there be such a thing?

Not a thing, a way.

As in going down the wrong road?

Yes, but there are detour signs all along the way.

How does this relate to me, personally, when I do
try to understand Your way.

Not My way, alone.

Then, whose?

Not whose.

Then, what?

The only way.

How can there be many ways and also an only way?

Not possible, and yet necessarily so.

Please explain.

All ways are subsumed within the only way.

Then why would detour signs be necessary?

They allow for different ways to merge
with others, along the way.

So, saying that all roads lead to wherever
does not necessarily mean they remain separately
all the way.


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