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Spirit shares I Ching wisdom.

13 – Association with others. Heaven is over Fire.

Spirit explains: Fire has power to consume, but Heaven,
representing cosmic energy, or cosmic consciousness,
has the power, and uses it wisely, to subsume all
inferior powers within itself.

And, all other powers are inferior?


I sense that you have chosen number 13, knowing that
it also represents Death in the Tarot.

Yes, and yet the Death card in Tarot represents

Death to an old way of thinking?

Death to an old way of being, or, rather, Death to
A non-way of being.

How can there be such a thing?

Not a thing, a way.

As in going down the wrong road?

Yes, but there are detour signs all along the way.

How does this relate to me, personally, when I do
try to understand Your way.

Not My way, alone.

Then, whose?

Not whose.

Then, what?

The only way.

How can there be many ways and also an only way?

Not possible, and yet necessarily so.

Please explain.

All ways are subsumed within the only way.

Then why would detour signs be necessary?

They allow for different ways to merge
with others, along the way.

So, saying that all roads lead to wherever
does not necessarily mean they remain separately
all the way.


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