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Spirit shares I Ching Wisdom

Hexagram 3 – Difficulty. Water is over Thunder.
Yes, it looks like a thunder storm, where water
pours and thunder roars.

It would be a difficulty for anyone outdoors
in such weather.

Yes, unless they are prepared.

How can we prepare for difficulties before we are aware …

Awareness is a prerequisite to preparedness.

But, a thunderstorm is only one of possibly countless
difficult situations we may have to suddenly face. We
surely cannot be aware of them all before they appear.

Where do they appear from?

Sometimes they seem to come from nowhere.

Nothing comes from nowhere.

That sounds like the words of a song, “Nothing comes
from nothing”.

Words of truth.

So, difficulties all come from somewhere?

Not somewhere, alone.

Then, from previously existing situations?


Then, how to respond?

To what?



How to prepare for unexpected situations?

Why are they unexpected?

How can they be expected?


Awareness of what?

Awareness of the present situation and how
it developed, and the path it has taken
to where it now is.

And visualize that same path moving forward,
toward the horizon?


That sounds like work.

A little difficulty may prevent disaster, or
at least prepare us for it.

Is there an easier option?

Than what?


No, at least not for you.

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