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Spirit shares I Ching Wisdom.

Hexagram 28 – Great Surpassing follows

That makes sense.

What makes sense?

When and if we are well nourished,
the better we are able to develop
our physical potentials.

What about our intellectual,
emotional, and spiritual potentials?

Those, too. If parents have the means
to care for their children
as most surely would if they could,
then each new generation would have
the opportunity to develop beyond
where they might otherwise have gone.

How far back does it go?

What does that mean?

We can only do for our children
and our community what we are
able to do, now.

But …


What if we are unaware of what
we can do for others, or might have
done for ourselves?

Then what?


We each are responsible for how
we live our lives and the choices
we make, here and now.

Yesterday has gone?

Yes, and tomorrow is not yet here.

So, where does great surpassing
fit in?

Great surpassing can refer to
the quality of our attitude
in awareness of what was,
what may yet be, and what
opportunities are available
to us, now, and how we
respond to them.

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Comments on: "Awareness of Opportunities and How we Respond" (3)

  1. Reblogged this on jeanw5 and commented:

    Dear Reader, The ending of this post greatly surpassed where my simple mind might have taken it, and so I had to share it with you.

  2. I am glad that I found this site, I got exactly the best information that I was trying to find!

    • Dear Stretch mark, I don’t understand how I could not have seen your comment before now, two months later. Perhaps there is a reason neither of us is aware of.
      But, thank you for your positive response to Spirit’s words of wisdom. I share with whoever cares to read, my personal struggle to understand what life is all about.
      My Spirit Guru seems to have all the answers, but I question them anyway. Perhaps it’s in my nature to question. “Why” may have been my first word. It must have driven
      my parents crazy.
      Thank you again for finding I Ching as a Way.

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