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Spirit shares His understanding fo the timeless wisdom
of I Ching 27 – Nourishment.

Nourishment follows Great Accumulation in the order of
the I Ching hexagrams. Mountain is above Thunder. Each
are yang.

Accumulations are as harvests; the successful outcome
of sowing seeds, caring for the crop as it develops, and
then gathering in the harvest; the result of our efforts.

Our body and soul each require nourishment. But, what
sustains them each is different, as is the process,
order, and method by which they each thrive or do not.

Please explain.

Our physical body (for those of us who are experiencing
physical reality) requires nourishment that is taken in
from the environment of matter.

Our soul is nourished, more or less, by how it expresses
itself, shares its essence with other souls, simply by
living a life we know we must live, and by caring for
and encouraging others to find and follow their unique way.



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    Body and soul each require nourishment, but what sustains them each is different.

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