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The Winds of Change

“The focus of today’s message is I Ching Hexagram 57 – Wind. The yang trigram Wind is above. The yang trigram Wind is below.”

“More than a light breeze?”

“Much more; an unstoppable movement.”

“Are we talking of personal development?”

“There is nothing personal.”

“What about relationships?”

“Which relationship?”

“Yours and mine.”

“We don’t have one.”

“But, I relate to you.”

“In what way?”

“You are my teacher.”

“Is that all?


“Then, what?”

“More than I know.”


“You’re too far beyond my understanding, at this time.”


“Please explain.”


“Why relationships are not personal.”

“Relationships describe connection.”

“As a bridge?”

“Yes. And bridges are for crossing.”

“One way?”


“Then we meet halfway?”

“No.”Then, what?”

“Relationships are as bridges that can unite.”

“To release duality?”

“To releae the illusion of duality.”


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  1. Reblogged this on jeanw5 and commented:

    Relationships are as bridges that can unite to release the illusion of duality.

  2. Nice blog thanks for possting

    • Thanks, Kelly, All, of the I Ching blogs have been the result of personal interaction with a spirit teacher. I’m told that we each would be given a different reading from any of the I Ching hexagrams. They’re designed to reconnect us to our own, unique inner source of understanding. And yet, since we’re all human, more or less, whatever relates to one of us will relate in some way to everyone else. Love, Jean

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