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This blog is, or can be considered to be as a journal of my personal communications with Spirit, as He teaches me what He believes everyone should learn about life in human form.

Vancouver, Canada

Bio: A Journal of a journey, with Spirit as my guide, using the wisdom of I Ching, an ancient explanation of change as a necessary part of life, to understand Life, and where, how, and why my life has developed as it has, and where do I go from here, and how, and why. My mission, purpose, or desire is to share my struggle toward and passion for enlightenment, without having a clear idea of what it will look like when I find it, and I intend to find it, sooner or later. Meanwhile I seem to be struggling toward enlightenment without a clear road map, unless Spirit, my constant companion (did He invite himself along, for laughs, perhaps?) is hiding it from me, for whatever reason. Vancouver, BC Canada is the only place I care to live, in this world. Perhaps it's not entirely by choice. My name is carved into a nearby sidewalk, as if to remind me where I belong. I am blessed to have Spirit as a teacher. Just ask him.

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