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A Bodhisattva is a Guide and Companion

Spirit shares I Ching wisdom.

Today’s experience through our journey of human existence
is described by hexagram 28 – Great Surpassing.

A Bodhisattva vows to walk the path of enlightenment
again and again, to serve as a guide and companion
to those who would, and could, with a little help,
follow the middle way through life.

Why is this experience called Great Surpassing?

Great rivers can be crossed without great effort
if one is aware, patient and willing to proceed,
one step at a time, when circumstances are
favorable for doing so.

There are seasons when rivers rise, and other seasons
when rivers flow more slowly and the channel narrows.
Also, there are times of calm between storms,
when travel is easier and the journey more pleasant.

Then, Great Surpassing can refer to a stress-free way
to walk The Path of Enlightenment?

Yes. There is no reward for speed. In fact, it is
never advised. So much is lost.

Such as?

Depth of awareness and understanding of the missed
opportunities to share compassion.

How can compassion be shared?

Compassion is always shared or it is not compassion.

But, if I feel compassionate toward someone
in distress, how can this person express compassion
for me? Surely, she or he would be too involved
with personal pain to be able to provide such an
emotion as compassion for anyone.

But you are not, or are you?

Am I what?

Too intent or concerned for the distressed soul
that you forget to care for yourself.

What care would I need?


Why? and from Whom?

Because we are one, the other’s distress
is our own distress, and as such requires
the same compassion toward oneself as
we would feel for others.

So, in feeling compassion for anyone,
I also, at the same time feel compassion
for myself, as that other?

Yes. We share Life with all; pleasure and pain.

Whether we are aware of that or not?



I Ching 16 – Delight

Today’s I Ching – 16 – Delight

Thunder above, and Earth below

Delight follows Humility in the order of the Hexagrams.

Spirit explains: “To be aware of how far we have come, and yet to know there is still a long way to go, is to feel humility.”

“We can,” Spirit tells me,” take delight in how far we have come, without losing a sense of humility when looking ahead.”

“The message?” I ask.

“Look back” He tells me, “at what you have left, but not to focus on what you have left, but to measure how far you have come along The Way, along Our Way.


I Ching 30 – Clinging

Today’s I Ching – 30 – Clinging

Fire above, Fire below.

Clinging follows Double Danger in the order of the Hexagrams.

Spirit explains: “Double danger is moving from danger into greater danger. Fire over fire suggests the direction we have taken”.

“Now what”? I ask, sensing a personal message.

“Open your eyes and your mind,” He tells me. “We must look back, now and then, to see where we have come from. Are we moving uphill or down? Without looking back we can’t measure our progress.”

I think I get  the message: approval of my moments of nostalgia.


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