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Difficulty may Prevent Disaster

Spirit shares I Ching Wisdom

Hexagram 3 – Difficulty. Water is over Thunder.
Yes, it looks like a thunder storm, where water
pours and thunder roars.

It would be a difficulty for anyone outdoors
in such weather.

Yes, unless they are prepared.

How can we prepare for difficulties before we are aware …

Awareness is a prerequisite to preparedness.

But, a thunderstorm is only one of possibly countless
difficult situations we may have to suddenly face. We
surely cannot be aware of them all before they appear.

Where do they appear from?

Sometimes they seem to come from nowhere.

Nothing comes from nowhere.

That sounds like the words of a song, “Nothing comes
from nothing”.

Words of truth.

So, difficulties all come from somewhere?

Not somewhere, alone.

Then, from previously existing situations?


Then, how to respond?

To what?



How to prepare for unexpected situations?

Why are they unexpected?

How can they be expected?


Awareness of what?

Awareness of the present situation and how
it developed, and the path it has taken
to where it now is.

And visualize that same path moving forward,
toward the horizon?


That sounds like work.

A little difficulty may prevent disaster, or
at least prepare us for it.

Is there an easier option?

Than what?


No, at least not for you.

Yin and Yang in Office Politics

Spirit shares I Ching Wisdom

43 – Removal. Lake is over Heaven.

This hexagram presents with one yin above five yang,
obviously very much outnumbered, but still on top.

Water is precious and life-sustaining.

In a yang/male dominated society, a yin/female in a
high position can be resented. She is at risk of being
removed, pulled down, simply because of yang/male egos,
who measure each other according to their quality of
thought but who have not yet learned to accept that
some women are also capable of high quality thinking.
and so are often denied opportunities to express it.

Not all men are clever and, perhaps women in earned
positions of power are seen as a threat only to those men
who are not comfortable with their own self-image.

That sounds very supportive of women who strive to become
successful in what has long been a male-dominated world,
but, my personal memories of office politics seemed to
discourage me from believing in women as corporate leaders.

It was male superiors who were most supportive of my efforts
to improve the quality of both my work and my interest in
studying business-related subjects after working hours.

My female superiors, in several offices, seemed to feel
threatened by my efforts. It didn’t make sense to me, for I
was as much a feminist as they were and I was never
interested in their job. They were more qualified for it
than I was, from my perspective.

The only advantage I had over them was that I simply wanted
to do the best job I could. They seemed to need to ingratiate
themselves with their male supervisors, and try to prove to
them that they were one of the boys. I was not interested in
that game.

So, what are you telling me about removal?

I lost my train of thought.


Tomorrow will come, whether or not …

Spirit shares I Ching wisdom.

51 – Thunder develops from The Cauldron – 50, as today develops
from yesterday, and Thunder co-creates 52 – Mountain, as today
must come before tomorrow.

Tomorrow will come, whether or not we prepare for it.
Yesterday helped us, more or less, to prepare for today’s
experiences, and how we live today will determine, to some
extent, how well we cope with whatever tomorrow brings us.

Life is a Master Teacher, and provides us with experiences
that offer incentives to master personal skills and coping

How we cope with whatever challenges that tomorrow brings
will depend very much on how we live today.

Wow! I’m glad that message applies to people younger than

It applies to everyone, always.

The Unknown; within and beyond

Spirit shares I Ching wisdom.

16 – Pleasure – Thunder over Earth

Pleasure develops out of Humility and becomes Following.

Humility does not require low self-esteem. We can recognize
and take pleasure in knowing how far we have come on our
journey through Life, and yet, still be in awe of how far
we still must travel to satisfy our Soul.

Where does pleasure come into that awareness?

Pleasure is a necessary food for the Soul. Without pleasure
there can be no incentive to move forward.


Pleasure provides meaning to Life.


We must enjoy what we are doing or where our efforts
may lead us, or why do anything or move toward anything?

Fear of losing something?


I don’t know.


What does that mean?

The unknown will always be within us and beyond us.

How can it be within and beyond? Oh, no. Don’t tell me.

Yes. It is another Universal Law.

The Moment Lasts Forever

Spirit shares His understandin of I Ching wisdom.  Hexagram 20 – Observing., expresses the life situaton of today’s lesson. Wind is over Earth; yang over yin. The 2nd and 5th lines are both centered and balanced, with yin on 2nd and yang on 5th, the leadership position.

“To observe is to witness, and there is no such possibility
as being a non-participating witness. Whatever we witness, we are a part of. We absorb the reality of whatever situation we are witness to. We open to it or we close up to it. We back away from or move forward, if only in our mind. We respond, or we react.”

“What if …”

“There are no what ifs that could excuse you from
accepting responsibility.”

“How could I be responsible if I’m just a witness?”

“You are responsible for your response.”

“Even if I don’t recognize the significance of
what I witness until later?”

“We live in the moment.”

“The message?”

“The moment lasts forever.”


Attraction pulls as a pendulum

Spirit shares His understanding of I Ching wisdom expressed by Hexagram 42 – Increase. Wind is over Thunder; yang over  yin. Every line has its ideal complement.

“Increase develops out of Reduction (41). and moves toward Removal (43) The pendulum reaches its extreme in either direction of expansion and then turns, as a railway or bus line between two limits of its route. Whenever we reduce our position relative to whatever, or whomever, we, at the same time, increase it to another. The Law of Attraction works according to this principle.”

“How did the Law of Attraction …?”

“How does the Law of Attraction enter into the concept of increase?”


“Whatever we attract moves our relationship from the opposite position.”

“What if we attract each other?”

“Then we have moved away from a position of being less attracted to each other.”

“Is there a personal message, or question?”



Cause and Effect are Interactive

Spirit shares His understanding of the timeless wisdom of  I Ching  as expressed in Hexagram 50 – The Cauldron.

“Fire i over Wind. Yang is over yang.. Each is receptive to the other, at least in this situation. The Cauldron follows  Revoluion (49) in the order of the hexagrams, and leads to Thunder (51). The energies of fire and wind, in their extreme forms, can create destruction on their own. Together, they could bring disaster. Mental energies are no different than those of nature, in this respect. But, a gentle fire and a controlled movement of air can create welcomed warmth, boil water, or heat food.

A cauldron was a large kettle hung over a fire before it was replaced by modern appliances and more controllable sources of heat. However, the timeless realities exist even in a so-called modern world. The transfer of energy still requires movement and interaction between cause and effect.

What are you saying to me?

Who is what?

Perhaps there is a two-way interaction.



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