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Withdrawal Isn’t Retreat

Spirit shares His understanding of the timeless wisdom
expressed within the I Ching Hexagram 33 – Withdrawal.

Heaven is above and Mountain is below. Both express
yang energy.

Withdrawal develops out of Constancy (32) in the order
of the hexagrams, and forms the foundation for
Great Power (34).

Withdrawal from battle is not necessarily to retreat.
A proven and respected martial arts strategy requires
knowing when to resist the temptation to advance when
such advance seems unwise, at this time. To withdraw,
re-group, and prepare to move forward when opportunity
presents itself, requires wisdom.

A need for time out?

Who is teaching whom?

You are, I hope.

And who seems to need time out?



What Universal Law(s) Apply to Awareness?

Spirit shares I Ching wisdom.

I Ching 12 – Obstruction, follows Tranquility.

Times of peace never last?

It is the nature of yin and yang to interact
with each other. The seasons, too, play
this game, as do day and night. The tides
rise high and then slip back only to rise
again, before …

Does it all go on forever?


Up and down, in and out, win and lose.

The natural order provides a background
for all life to learn to adapt. It’s
a beginning.

A beginning of what?

Higher education.

What does higher education have
in common with tranquility and

We learn to reach high, while we can.

To make hay while the sun shines?


That sounds great …


How can we advance beyond narrow …

Or shallow?

Yes. Limits were surely designed
to be expanded.

What limits?

The limits of human …

Why only human?

Then, of awareness, creativity,
imagination, and consciousness.

They have no limits.

Then, if universal laws apply …

And they do.

Then, what universal law or laws
apply to the expansion of
awareness, creativity, imagination,
and consciousness?

Cause and effect, karma, fate,
and destiny.

Each or all of them?

Each and all of them.

Spirit Teaches I Ching – The Limits of Power

Spirit shares His understanding of Hexagram 35 – Advance.

“Advance develops from Power (34), if available power is used to advance, and can move into Damaged Illumination (36). Fire is over Earth; yang over yin.

Power can refer to potentiality to do something, or to develop a skill, talent, strength, or financial means to develop a vision, or fulfill a desire, or retire from worldly activities to devote oneself to recovering one’s strength and health, or to expanding one’s awareness of Life. However, power is never more than potentiality unless intention to use it is strong enough to activate the power of whatever potential one might possess.”

“Does everyone possess some form of power?”

“Yes, without exception.”

Then, and it scares me to even ask You, what is mine?”

“That depends.”

“On what?”

“On your definition of power.”


My Spirit Teachers explains I Ching 36 – Reduced Light

Reduced Light follows Advance in the order of the hexagrams.
Fire over Earth follows Earth over Fire.
The Sun appears to be above the Earth by day, and
Below the Earth by night.

A wisdom traditions tells us that to everything there is
A time and a season.

How does the reading apply to me?

Be patient.

I Ching 36 – Damage to Illumination

Today’s I Ching – Damage to Illumination.


Spirit explains:


Dust on a mirror reduces or damages the mirror’s ability

To clearly reflect light and our image within the mirror.


Physical reality and the world of matter can seem to be

As dust on a mirror, creating a dream-like atmosphere

That we mistakenly believe is reality.


However, with intention and practice we become

Increasingly enlightened and ever-more aware of

The path, our path, and where it is leading us.

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