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What Universal Law(s) Apply to Awareness?

Spirit shares I Ching wisdom.

I Ching 12 – Obstruction, follows Tranquility.

Times of peace never last?

It is the nature of yin and yang to interact
with each other. The seasons, too, play
this game, as do day and night. The tides
rise high and then slip back only to rise
again, before …

Does it all go on forever?


Up and down, in and out, win and lose.

The natural order provides a background
for all life to learn to adapt. It’s
a beginning.

A beginning of what?

Higher education.

What does higher education have
in common with tranquility and

We learn to reach high, while we can.

To make hay while the sun shines?


That sounds great …


How can we advance beyond narrow …

Or shallow?

Yes. Limits were surely designed
to be expanded.

What limits?

The limits of human …

Why only human?

Then, of awareness, creativity,
imagination, and consciousness.

They have no limits.

Then, if universal laws apply …

And they do.

Then, what universal law or laws
apply to the expansion of
awareness, creativity, imagination,
and consciousness?

Cause and effect, karma, fate,
and destiny.

Each or all of them?

Each and all of them.

I Ching 22 – Adornment

Today’s I Ching – 22 – Adornment

Mountain above

Fire below.

Adornment follows Biting Through.


Spirit explains:


Adornment is a form of and an expression of creativity

At a personal level. We choose how we shape our hair

And what colours and styles of clothing we prefer or

Think present us to ourselves and others in a pleasing

Way, or in such a way that makes a personal statement

About us.


That sounds fine enough, except that, what if we

Have never learned the art of doing so, or cannot

Afford to present or adorn ourselves as we would,

If we could?


Then we do so as well as we can until we can do

Better, or more.


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