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The Way of Arrogance

A Spirit Teacher shares his understanding of
the I Ching Hexagram 26 – Great Accumulation,
with me and whomever else cares to listen.

Great Accumulation follows No Error (25)
and moves toward Nourishment (27).
Mountain is over Heaven.

Nothing is higher than Heaven, and yet,
in this instance, Mountain claims to be.

Can this express challenge to authority?


How could such a situation develop from
No Error?

The pendulum has swung to the opposite

Mountain is out of line?

In the eyes of Heaven, yes.

And Heaven is forever.

Forever what?

Not what, but in terms of time.

There is no time.

Then, what is the meaning?



Nothing comes from nothing.

Then, No Error and Great Accumulation
can be seen as opposite extremes?

Of what?



How does this situation lead toward

Awareness is as nourishment.

Awareness of the Middle Way?


I Ching – 26 – Great Accumulation

Todays’ Ching – 26 – Great Accumulation

Mountain above, Heaven below.

Great accumulation follows No Error in the order of the Hexagrams.

Spirit explains: No Error expresses truth. Even small truths can develop into deeper and more expansive truths. This is a Universal Law or Principle.

I understand, I tell Him, but how does that insight affect life in the lowlands, in the here and now?, I dare to ask..

Universal Laws or Principles, Spirit emphasizes, apply everywhere and at all times.

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