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A Response-Free Emotion

Spirit explains I Ching 60 – Discipline.

Water is above Lake, and lakes have limits
to how much water they can hold.

To add more water, as in times of flooding,
results in loss of discipline.

Discipline implies limits; self-imposed or
socially determined.

Yang is above Yin in this instance, which
describes thought over emotion.

Then, rational thought should determine
the limits of acceptable emotion?


How is that possible?


Self-imposed limits to emotional experience
or to emotional expression?


What does that mean?

The role of self-discipline along our path
to enlightenment honours genuine emotions.

How can I know if my emotions are genuine?

Are they self-determined?

They are usually responses to outside

Then, you have answered your own question.

What emotion can be free from outside

Unconditional love.

I Ching 22 – Adornment

Today’s I Ching – 22 – Adornment

Mountain above

Fire below.

Adornment follows Biting Through.


Spirit explains:


Adornment is a form of and an expression of creativity

At a personal level. We choose how we shape our hair

And what colours and styles of clothing we prefer or

Think present us to ourselves and others in a pleasing

Way, or in such a way that makes a personal statement

About us.


That sounds fine enough, except that, what if we

Have never learned the art of doing so, or cannot

Afford to present or adorn ourselves as we would,

If we could?


Then we do so as well as we can until we can do

Better, or more.


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