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Faith requires letting go

Spirit’s I Ching reading for today – 44 – Meeting.

Meeting develops from Removal (43) and leads to Gathering (45).


We cannot move into tomorrow without first leaving today
Behind us. We remove ourselves from the past and look
Forward to gathering new experiences and, perhaps, meeting
New friends.

Life requires faith. We cannot reach out while we are
Holding on.

Holding on to what?


Letting go is easier said than done.

Yes, or it would not require faith.

Faith in what?

Not what, but whom.

Then, faith in whom?

Faith in yourself.

Spirit’s I Ching 18 – Degeneration

Spirit explains:


Degeneration follows Following. We each follow a Way of Life and a

Teacher of that way, whether we are aware of this reality, or not.


“Know thyself” has been cautioned through the ages. Why?

Because, we are each responsible for allowing our

Inner vision to deteriorate, if it does.


How does degenerating vision relate to following?


Blind faith.


Blind faith?


Yes, as both cause and effect, creating a downward spiral of





I Ching 18 – Degeneration

Today’s I Ching – 18 – Degeneration


Mountain above. Wind below.

Degeneration follows Following.


Spirit explains:


Degeneration suggests decay. In the relationship

Between those who follow and those who lead,

Morale is low, as when one loses faith in her



What can be done if it is as it is?


She could pretend it was otherwise.


You would know.




I Ching 30 – Clinging

Today’s I Ching – 30 – Clinging

Fire above. Fire below.

Clinging follows Double Pitfall.


Spirit explains:


Double Pitfall expresses extreme danger. Be aware, but,

Have faith in yourself, if in no other. And, in essence,

Each of us contains and is contained within all others.


Clinging is double fire, as is the passion of faith and purpose.


Does the message suggest confrontation?


Yes and no.


Please explain.


Confrontation can only be possible if we see it.


Close my eyes?


No. Open them.


I Ching 5 – Waiting

Today’s I Ching – 5 – Waiting

Water above, Heaven below.

Waiting follows Immaturity.

Spirit explains:

To everything there is a season – ancient words of wisdom and caution.

There is a time that, perhaps, is not just yet. Then we wait, but not passively.

We prepare, if we act wisely, and, even the wise ones were once immature.

The message?

Isn’t it clear?

Wait, yes. But, what are we waiting and preparing for?

The as yet unknown.


With faith.

Faith in what or whom?

Faith in self.


I Ching 4 – Immaturity

Today’s I Ching – 4 – Immaturity

Mountain above. Water below.

Immaturity follows Difficulty in the order of the Hexagrams.


Spirit explains:

Everything is difficult until we learn how;

How to stand, how to walk, how to speak,, …


I interrupt. And how to think?


What to think, Spirit corrects me.

Immaturity is not necessarily

Forever, if the immature one

Has faith and guidance…


And trust?


Yes., but not misplaced trust.


How can I know…


Experience is required and

Life provides us with

All that we need.



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