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Free will and community

Today’s I Ching is 60 – Discipline.

Water over Lake.
Discipline follows Dispersal in a continuous order of events.

Spirit explains: When a river flows into a lake the water overflows onto surrounding land, unless it is restricted
from doing so.

Dispersal suggests an unorganized scattering, such as seeds
or dry leaves by a wind.

There is no free will choice, no sense of freedom involved
when we have no self-control concerning where we are going
with our life.

Self-discipline determines what we will do with our potential; how it will be directed. Without self-control we risk being controlled by others.

How to have it both ways? I need to be free and still be a contributing member of a community. I need to think for myself and still learn from You and others.

Yes, we need both.

Then how do we work both sides of the street?

We don’t.

Then what?

We compromise; we find an acceptable middle ground between the extremes of individualism and group control. But, we must always be aware of the price we choose to pay, or we risk losing choosing.

I Ching 39 – Halting

Today’s I Ching – 39 – Halting

Water above, Mountain below.

Halting follows Disharmony.


Spirit explains: 

Disharmony slows progress but halting, for us, is

Not an acceptable option. We see it as a trap, a lure,

An excuse to give up, and, giving up is not Our Way.

We will never give up.


We are moving onward and upward, from the

Foundations of the past toward an as yet unknown

Future. However, the future is not completely



A certain five-year-old child seems to know, or

Believe, that he will not be five forever. He seems

To understand that he will be six on his next

Birthday, and then, one year at a time he will grow

To be a man.


The Laws of Nature provide us with structure. Life

Experience teaches us understanding. We are

Each individuals developing from a more-or-less

Shared past and moving, growing into a more-or less

Shared future.


Destiny gently but firmly requires us to move from

The past and into the future. Free will pampers us

By accepting that we will each grow at our own

Pace and in our own way. But, grow we will.


Growth is not an option.

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