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My Spirit Teachers explains I Ching 36 – Reduced Light

Reduced Light follows Advance in the order of the hexagrams.
Fire over Earth follows Earth over Fire.
The Sun appears to be above the Earth by day, and
Below the Earth by night.

A wisdom traditions tells us that to everything there is
A time and a season.

How does the reading apply to me?

Be patient.

Today’s I Ching – 41 – Reduction

Today’s I Ching reading by Spirit.

Reduction follows Solution.


Spirit explains:


Solution expresses an ending of struggle. There is a way out.

A light turns on. A puzzle has been solved. Finding a solution

reduces built-up stress, at least temporarily.


Why only temporarily?


Struggle is necessary for growth and strengthens self-confidence.




We learn through experience that we can find a solution to

Whatever challenges Life presents us with.


Is it a game?


Yes, and the game is a gift of Life.





Today’s I Ching reading by Spirit

I Ching 55 – Abundance. Thunder is over Fire.


Spirit explains:


Thunder suggests an abundance of rain.

Fire suggests and abundance of light and heat.


Both thunder and fire create and are created by

Movement. Something changes. Something always changes.


Abundance expresses blessings far beyond survival needs.


Why do I not experience such a lifestyle?


You do.


I’m not aware of it.



I Ching, 55, abundance, thunder, fire, abundance, rain, light, heat, create, movement, changes, blessings, beyond, survival, needs, Spirit, lifestyle, aware.

I Ching 31 – Sensing

Today’s I Ching – 31 – Sensing

Lake above, Mountain below.

Sensing follows Fire.


Spirit explains:

Fire is heat, light, and energy. Sensing is awareness, and is also a form of

Heat, light, and energy, in a formless sort of way.


To become sensitive is to become aware of what is near, whether

Physically, Intellectually, or emotionally. However, in our so-called

Civilized society, we are conditioned to become more or less aware

Of whatever.


Whatever what?


Whatever serves the purpose of those whom you allow to

condition you.


That sounds personal.


It is.

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