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Personal Ethics Direct our Traffic

Spirit shares His understanding of the life situation expressed in Hexagram  5 РWaiting.  Water is over Heaven; yin over yang. Waiting follows Immaturity (4) and leads to Contention (6).

“Waiting requires patience and firm resolve if one is choosing to wait for a more opportune moment before acting with intent. To set sail at high tide is to let the water move away from port with you – to go with the flow, if it is going your way.”

“That sounds ideal, if timing allows us the privilege to wait. And, also, there are some who seem to wait until someone or something makes decisions for them.”

“That can never be the case.”


“Personal ethics always direct our traffic.”


“We are always personally responsible for the consequences of whatever we choose, and letting others choose for us is still choosing.”

“Is there no easy way out?”

“There is no way out.”


Oct. 30,2013 – I Ching 13 – Association with Others

Today’s I Ching – 13 – Association with Others. Heaven above, Fire below. Association with Others follows Obstruction in the order of the Hexagrams.

Spirit explains: Even islands must associate with the water surrounding them. Obstructions challenge us, or invite us, to create solutions. Life requires us to associate with people, places and situations.

I hesitate, but I ask Spirit what His reading means to me.

Do you always enjoy associating with others?

Some can challenge my patience.

Yes, a service that friends usually choose not to offer.

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