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Blessings may not last

Spirit shares I Ching wisdom

14 – Great Possession

Great Possession develops out of Community and leads to Humility, if we accept the blessing that associating with others is, when we are fortunate and wise enough to develop close ties with people who share our way of life.

What is our way? Is it a shared world view? Or a specific goal? Or what? And, how can we ever know who is really with us, and why?

So many questions.

They seemed to appear in my mind, one after another, in a continuous stream.

Without pause?

Without pause.

Then, how can they be answered separately?

Perhaps their answers would all be as one.

As companions and community?

I guess.

Then enjoy and be thankful to Life for whatever blessings come, while they last, and accept that whatever comes may go, for whatever reason.

Meeting is never random

Spirit shares His understanding of Hexagram 45 -Gathering. Lake is over Earth; yang over yin, with lines two and five in harmonious correlation with each other; yang in the leadership position on line five, and yin in the balanced and centered support position of line two. Gathering follows Meeting (44) in the order of the hexagrams, and is followed by Rising (46).

Spirit explains:  “A meeting is more than a gathering. It is a gathering with a purpose, a shared purpose.”

“Why does meeting come before gathering?”

“We cannot gather without first meeting.”

“Whether we know the people we are meting, or not?”

“Meeting is never random.”

“Even if we have never met before?”



I Ching 3 – Difficulty


Today’s I Ching – 3 – Difficulty

Difficulty follows The Receptive.


Sjpirit explains:


The Receptive expresses a state of mind that is open to

Receiving wisdom, whatever its source.


But what to do with that wisdom?


In nature it would be shared, as nutients

In the soil are made available to

All plants having their roots in that soil.


The difficulty arises in how to distribute

Intellectual, emotional, and spiritual

Nutrients among people with different

Capacities  to absorb them, and different

Degrees of awareness of their value.


A personal message?






I Ching 9 – Small Development

Today’s I Ching – 9 – Small Development


Small Development follows Closeness.


Spirit explains:


Closeness suggests shared feelings, ideas, or goals, and

Something must develop when our personal energies

Blend with those of others or, even with those of one other.


Small developments are the seeds of greater developments,

If they are nourished and protected.


How to protect them, and from what?


With care, respect, dedication, and trust.


Trust in what?




And the what?


The unknown, which does not exist.

I Ching 39 – Halting

Today’s I Ching – 39 – Halting

Water above, Mountain below.

Halting follows Disharmony.


Spirit explains: 

Disharmony slows progress but halting, for us, is

Not an acceptable option. We see it as a trap, a lure,

An excuse to give up, and, giving up is not Our Way.

We will never give up.


We are moving onward and upward, from the

Foundations of the past toward an as yet unknown

Future. However, the future is not completely



A certain five-year-old child seems to know, or

Believe, that he will not be five forever. He seems

To understand that he will be six on his next

Birthday, and then, one year at a time he will grow

To be a man.


The Laws of Nature provide us with structure. Life

Experience teaches us understanding. We are

Each individuals developing from a more-or-less

Shared past and moving, growing into a more-or less

Shared future.


Destiny gently but firmly requires us to move from

The past and into the future. Free will pampers us

By accepting that we will each grow at our own

Pace and in our own way. But, grow we will.


Growth is not an option.

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