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Spirit’s I Ching way – 59 Dispersal

Wind over Water
Dispersal develops out of Pleasing and dissolves with Discipline.

Dispersal results in both disconnecting from the past and connecting to the future, without necessarily understanding either, or the destiny that moves within us, as the wind moves around us.

How can there be any stability and a feeling of being here and now in such a view of reality?

It isn’t a view of reality. It is as it is.

But, I need to hold on to my past while reaching for my future.

My as in individual?

Yes, and even if it proves to be an illusion, I need it, now.


I Ching 52 – Mountain

Today’s I Ching – 52 – Mountain

Mountain above. Mountain below.

Mountain follows Thunder.


Spirit explains:


Thunder is caused by masses of air rushing together, after

Lightning has separated them, dividing one into two.


Mountains do not usually appear to move. They are

Generally stable.


We need both movement and stability, and wisdom,

To know which is appropriate, when, and why.


The message?


There is no need to hurry. “Haste makes waste”,

An old saying, because the wise ones have

Always known this.



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