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I Ching 2 – The Receptive

Today’s I Ching – 2 – The Receptive

Earth above, Earth below.

The Receptive follows The Creative


Spirit explains:


The Creative represents the central power and

Energy of the Universe, a living and creating



The Receptive serves this Power and is the

Medium through which The Creative

Expresses Itself.


I have a problem with the traditional

Interpretation of this concept.


It is much more than a concept. It describes



Perhaps, but if it does…


And it does.


Then why does it do so in a form that

Alienates women.


Perhaps women alienate themselves.


That’s a male ego’s defence of inequality.


There is no equality. I thought you had learned that.


My understanding of inequality does not

Support women being considered less than men.

What does it support?


We each serve different roles.


What roles?


Not necessarily clearly defined roles.


What not necessarily clearly defined roles?


Supportive roles, each blending strengths

And weaknesses.


What strengths and what weaknesses?


I don’t know, exactly.


And I do.





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