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I Ching Wisdom – Respect the visions from the timeless past

Spirit shares His understand of Hexagram 52 – Mountain. Mountain above and Mountain below – a double yin of  equal formation.

“Mountain follows Thunder and will be followed by Gradual Progress. As the seasons of our life each follow the one that cameBefore it, so it is with each generation of Seekers of The Way. We cannot be, see, or do as any other previous generation. .The seasons, the years, and the generations each owe to the past their very existence, and yet, there is continuity without sameness.

We each see and understand as no-one else, if we dare to see
From where we alone are, while respecting the visions of the
Elders, mentors, and teachers from the timeless past.”

“Wow! And the message for me?”



I Ching – 18 – Degeneration

Today’s I Ching – 18 – Degeneration.

Mountain above.

Wind below.

Degeneration follows Following.


Spirit explains:


Following suggests allowing others to lead you

Where they are going, or where they want

You to go, for whatever reason.

Teachers and leaders are necessary role models

And guides, and, if they have a vision and a purpose

You share, then to follow them is to join them on

A mutual quest. or a mutual purpose.


However, we must always think for ourselves,

No matter how confident and competent our

Teachers and leaders may be. If we follow

Without fully considering where we are being

Led, then we risk self-destruction of our own

confidence and competence. Our capacity

to become a teacher or leader will degenerate.


The message?


Listen to Me, but accept full responsibility for

Doing so, and never stop questioning Me or


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