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Blessings may not last

Spirit shares I Ching wisdom

14 – Great Possession

Great Possession develops out of Community and leads to Humility, if we accept the blessing that associating with others is, when we are fortunate and wise enough to develop close ties with people who share our way of life.

What is our way? Is it a shared world view? Or a specific goal? Or what? And, how can we ever know who is really with us, and why?

So many questions.

They seemed to appear in my mind, one after another, in a continuous stream.

Without pause?

Without pause.

Then, how can they be answered separately?

Perhaps their answers would all be as one.

As companions and community?

I guess.

Then enjoy and be thankful to Life for whatever blessings come, while they last, and accept that whatever comes may go, for whatever reason.

Spirit’s I Ching 50 – The Cauldron

Fire over wind.

The Cauldron follows Revolution.


Spirit explains:


A cauldron is a heavy cooking pot, placed over fire, to heat and

Tenderize its contents.


A revolution is also as a heavy cooking pot, fired with ideals and intent

To change social rules and make them more satisfying to more people.


However, in both cases, there is always a danger of the fire getting

Out of control and destroying what it was intended to improve.


But, we need fire.


Yes, but we also need to keep it under control.




A wise cook knows how much heat to apply and when.


And a wise leader?





I Ching 52 – Mountain

Today’s I Ching – 52 – Mountain

Mountain above. Mountain below.

Mountain follows Thunder.


Spirit explains:


Thunder is caused by masses of air rushing together, after

Lightning has separated them, dividing one into two.


Mountains do not usually appear to move. They are

Generally stable.


We need both movement and stability, and wisdom,

To know which is appropriate, when, and why.


The message?


There is no need to hurry. “Haste makes waste”,

An old saying, because the wise ones have

Always known this.



I Ching 5 – Waiting

Today’s I Ching – 5 – Waiting

Water above, Heaven below.

Waiting follows Immaturity.

Spirit explains:

To everything there is a season – ancient words of wisdom and caution.

There is a time that, perhaps, is not just yet. Then we wait, but not passively.

We prepare, if we act wisely, and, even the wise ones were once immature.

The message?

Isn’t it clear?

Wait, yes. But, what are we waiting and preparing for?

The as yet unknown.


With faith.

Faith in what or whom?

Faith in self.


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